Youth Apprenticeship Week Spotlights Opportunities

(NewsUSA) - Youth Apprenticeship Week, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Labor, features a range of events and speakers at venues across the United States to showcase the many benefits of …

Why Investors Take a Shine to Silver

(NewsUSA) - Silver is a part of everyday life in more ways than most people realize. Besides the more obvious industrial uses, silver is a key component in many products that people rely on every …

Why Investors Take a Shine to Silver

(NewsUSA) - Silver is a part of everyday life in more ways than most people realize. Besides the more obvious industrial uses, silver is a key component in many products that people rely on every …

Small Businesses Seek Talent, Technology to Succeed

(NewsUSA) - Starting and maintaining a successful small business is a challenge in any setting. For rural entrepreneurs, that struggle is even greater when it comes to accessing capital, …

Keep Quality Employees With Quality Benefits

(NewsUSA) - Small business owners know that one of the secrets to success is hiring quality employees and keeping them. One of the best ways to keep your best employees happy is by offering a …

Rebranded Global Accreditation Organization Promotes Patient Safety

(NewsUSA) - The last thing anyone should ever question when considering an outpatient procedure is their safety. After all, you trust that the facility performing your procedure has gone through …

Why It's Important to Talk About Inheriting Wealth

(NewsUSA) - As a significant portion of the U.S. population ages, a significant transfer of wealth to younger generations is occurring. However, many families have not discussed inheritance plans, …

Emerging Adults Stay Positive Despite Financial and Social Pressures

(NewsUSA) - The designation “GenNext” represents adults ages 18-34, the life stage often referred to as “emerging adulthood,” and refers to the next generation of workers, heads of …

Can You Trust Financial Advice You Find Online?

(NewsUSA) - Can you trust the financial advice you find online, including on social media? Nope. And a majority of people already don’t trust online financial advice. According to the CFP Board …

Becoming a CFP® Professional Means Joining a Community

(NewsUSA) - Becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional means more than just a successful career — it means joining a supportive community. CFP Board and CFP® professionals foster …

How to Use Credit Wisely

(NewsUSA) - As the holiday season approaches, more people are out shopping, searching crowded stores and online promotions for the best discounts, and using their credit cards to pay for it all. But …

A New Mission for Military Veterans: Protect Clients’ Finances as a CFP® Professional

(NewsUSA) - Military veterans can take on a new mission as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Your new objective: Safeguard and advance the financial interests of everyday Americans. By …

How a CFP® Professional Can Help You Navigate Interest Rates

(NewsUSA) - Interest rates have soared dramatically, raising the cost of buying anything on credit. For example, over the past two years, mortgage rates have more than doubled, adding hundreds or …

Become a CFP® Professional and Be Part of a Growing and Diverse Profession

(NewsUSA) - Today, October 4, marks World Financial Planning Day, a time to recognize the value of financial planning. Did you know that financial planning is not just a valuable resource for …

Become a CFP® Professional and Give Back Through Pro Bono Financial Planning

(NewsUSA) - Nearly 9 in 10 Americans are concerned about the current cost of living in the United States, which has created an increasing need for the trusted, often life-changing advice of …

How a CFP® Professional Can Help You Manage Your Debt

(NewsUSA) - Household debts are rising amid higher interest rates. The increase in rates is a major issue for all borrowers, at all ages and stages of life. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ …

CME Group Awards Scholarships to Next Generation of Ag Leaders

(NewsUSA) - State fairs are not only a summer tradition, but they also play an important role in U.S. agriculture. State and county fairs put a spotlight on an essential part of the global economy, …

Demonstrate Your Commitment to High Ethical Standards by Becoming a CFP® Professional

(NewsUSA) - Consumers are looking for someone they can trust to guide them in financial matters. Becoming a CFP® professional helps you communicate that you’ll always prioritize your clients’ …

CFP® Professionals Can Help Optimize Your Insurance

(NewsUSA) - Insurance is essential to protecting yourself. Health insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance — all of these can protect you in the event of an emergency. However, determining …

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Curb Drug Costs for Patients and Employers

(Julian Canete) - According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly half of all Americans struggle with health care costs. For many, it's the single largest cost in their budget. As someone that …

Changing Your Career? Consider Becoming a CFP® Professional

(NewsUSA) - Are you thinking of a career change? As you explore new possibilities, you’ll likely want a profession that offers personal fulfillment, encourages professional growth, provides …

Working With a CFP® Professional — What You Need to Know

(NewsUSA) - Congratulations! You’ve already taken one of the most important steps to secure your financial future — connecting with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. You will want …

Three Ways Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Can Improve Cash Flow and Combat Inflation

(NewsUSA) - Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, no matter the industry or company size. However, as economic headwinds and supply chain woes challenge the bottom line for both Main Street …

How Getting CFP® Certification Can Help Your Career as a Financial Planner

(NewsUSA) - Climbing to the top as a financial advisor can be a challenge. Your ticket to long-term peak performance begins with earning the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, …

Working With an LGBTQ+ CFP® Professional

(NewsUSA) - Choosing a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who aligns with your specific needs and goals is important. If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, you may want to seek out an …

Flexibility is Key to a Thriving Retirement

(NewsUSA) - Today’s retirement experience can be unpredictable, and resilience and flexibility are the keys to not just surviving, but thriving.The right strategies and guidance can help retirees …

From High School to High Pay and a Personally Rewarding Career

(NewsUSA) - The best career is one that gives you so much personal satisfaction that you’d gladly do it without pay. But don’t worry; you won’t be working for free if you become a CERTIFIED …

How to Help Your Aging Parents

(NewsUSA) - At some point, you may need to step in and help care for the parents who once cared for you. Starting this new role can be a challenge, but with preparation you’ll be ready. These …

Investing in Your Child's Future: The Advantages of a Career in Financial Planning

(NewsUSA) - As a parent, you want your child to succeed in life and have a career where they are fulfilled and paid well. It’s even better if that career can offer benefits such as personal and …

Not Sure What to Do When You Graduate College? Consider CFP Certification

(NewsUSA) - If you’re getting ready to graduate from college, congratulations! After years of dedication and hard work, your future awaits! And while it’s an exciting time, it can also be …

5 Tips to Help Young Professionals Prepare a Tax Return

(NewsUSA) - Filing your taxes can be stressful and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. As the deadline for filing taxes approaches, don’t let the pressure overwhelm you. Follow these five …

Benefits for Women Becoming Financial Planners

(NewsUSA) - The financial services industry is changing and diversifying, and this includes women becoming financial advisors at a rate higher than ever before.If you’ve ever considered a career …

How Anxious Are Americans About Their Finances? Very.

(NewsUSA) - A new poll paints a troubling picture of how anxious Americans are about their finances.Nearly half of respondents said they didn’t feel “financially stable,” according to the …


(NewsUSA) - Teaching children about money is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Start when they’re young with simple lessons like saving up to buy a toy. You can build upon those lessons …

How Financial Planners Can Advance Equality

(NewsUSA) - Financial planning is about helping individuals and families make sound financial decisions that enable them to achieve their life goals. When financial planners provide these services …

How Financial Planners Can Advance Equality

(NewsUSA) - Financial planning is about helping individuals and families make sound financial decisions that enable them to achieve their life goals. When financial planners provide these services …
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ASX closes 0.5% lower: Iron ore prices fall

12 Jun 2024 - The Australian sharemarket extended losses on Wednesday, with the S&P/ASX 200 Index dropping 0.5% amid investor anxiety over the imminent US Federal Reserve interest rate decision.

Magmatic Resources and Fortescue Metals announce joint venture

12 Jun 2024 - In March, Magmatic Resources (ASX:MAG) announced a joint venture with Fortescue (ASX:FMG) for the Myall copper-gold prospect in central western NSW.

Analysis of Viva Leisure, Skycity, Life360

12 Jun 2024 - Fund Manager Chris Pedersen discusses Viva Leisure, Skycity Entertainment Group and Life360.

Cost pressures diverge in China and Japan

12 Jun 2024 - Ahead of the US inflation data and the Fed interest rate decision tonight and early tomorrow respectively, cost pressures continue to show different outcomes in two of Asia’s major …

Stocks of the Hour: Reach Resources, Nico Resources, Global Lithium Resources, INOVIQ

14 Jun 2024 - A snapshot of the stocks on the move, featuring Reach Resources (ASX:RR1), Nico Resources (ASX:NC1), Global Lithium Resources (ASX:GL1) and INOVIQ (ASX:IIQ).

ASX down 0.69% near noon: Investors await May US CPI

12 Jun 2024 - At 11:30am, the S&P/ASX 200 is 0.69 per cent lower at 7,701.90, reflecting Wall Street's mixed performance where banking stocks weighed on the Dow Jones while the Nasdaq and S&P 500 …

Evolution Mining faces production challenges

12 Jun 2024 - For the second quarter in a row, wet weather and seismic problems have cut Evolution Mining’s (ASX:EVN) gold output.

Copper boomlet deflates amid rising inventories

12 Jun 2024 - The boomlet in copper was again deflated on Tuesday, with London Metal Exchange prices and Comex futures prices in New York touching their lowest levels in seven weeks due to pressure …

Apple surge pushes US markets to new highs

12 Jun 2024 - The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite hit new highs as Apple shares surged on AI news.

Apple's AI leap

12 Jun 2024 - Apple has made fools of all those investors, analysts, and others who had been chiding it (and stronger) for falling behind in AI - its big launch Monday was "underwhelming," according …
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Reuters reporter Schectman departs

Joel Schectman, an investigative reporter at Reuters, has left the news organization after nearly 10 years. He wrote investigative stories on national security, intelligence issues, corruption and …

Gershkovich’s fate will come down to Putin’s mood

Fred Kaplan writes for Slate that the fate of jailed Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, scheduled to go on trial in Russia next week, will come down to the mood of Russia leader …

Bauder, longtime San Diego biz journalist, dies at 88

Don Bauder, a business journalist for BusinessWeek and the San Diego Union-Tribune for decades, died Friday at the age of 88. A story in the Times of San Diego states, “His first job was with …

WSJ’s Kwong is departing

Robin Kwong, director of audience loyalty at The Wall Street Journal, is leaving the publication. He previously was its new formats editor and oversaw the newsletter and audience voices teams. Kwong …

Perplexity plagiarizes Wired story about Perplexity

Tim Marchman of Wired magazine writes about how artificial intelligence company Perplexity plagiarized a Wired story that called the company a “bullshit machine.” Marchman writes, “After we …

Ex-Bloomberg TV anchor sues company, alleging discrimination

A former Bloomberg Television anchor claims she was fired in retaliation for her complaints about discrimination and gender pay gaps at the network, reports Justin Baragona of The Daily Beast. …

Roof moving to VC/tech team at Bloomberg

Bloomberg News reporter Katie Roof is moving to its venture capital and technology team in California. She has been a reporter on its deals team. Before joining Bloomberg in 2020, Roof worked for …

Gizmodo reporter Zeff is departing

Maxwell Zeff, a reporter at tech news site Gizmodo, is leaving the publication for a new opportunity. He has been covering artificial intelligence. Zeff previously interned at Bloomberg News and …

Toneguzzi named co-EIC of Retail Insider

Mario Toneguzzi has been named as co-editor in chief or Retail Insider, a Canadian publication. He has been the senior news editor since September 2022, reporting on the national retail industry in …

Real estate journalism winners announced

The National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) announced the winners of its 74th Annual Journalism Awards today. This prestigious competition recognizes excellence in reporting, writing, and …

Ad Age senior reporter Bain departs for new opportunity

Phoebe Bain, a senior reporter at Ad Age, is leaving for a new opportunity. She joined the publication in December 2022. Bain previously founded Marketing Brew, a Morning Brew vertical covering the …

Indianapolis Star hires Guffey as a business reporter

The Indianapolis Star has hired Alysa Guffey as a business reporter. She will cover retail growth and development. Guffey has been a reporter on the emerging news desk at the Chicago Tribune, where …

Mississippi Business Journal has been sold

Coopwood Publishing Group, a Cleveland, Mississippi-based media and publishing company, has finalized a deal to buy the Mississippi Business Journal for an undisclosed amount, reports Ross Reily of …

Bloomberg tech reporter Barinka departs for Upland Workshop

Bloomberg News technology reporter Alex Barinka has left the news organization to join Upland Workshop. She will work with leaders and organizations to rethink how and where they tell their …

Cai departs Forbes for new opportunity

Forbes technology reporter Kenrick Cai has left the news organization for a new opportunity. He has been covering artificial intelligence, startups and venture capital, particularly in Silicon …

Heatmap News hires Holzman as a senior reporter

Heatmap News has hired Jael Holzman as a senior reporter. She will start next month and cover political and policy risks of the American energy transition. Holzman has been an Axios energy and …

Russia presents prisoner swap ideas to US for WSJ’s Gershkovich

Russia said Wednesday it had presented its ideas for a prisoner swap to the United States and was waiting for a response, days before it was set to put U.S. reporter Evan Gershkovich on trial, …

Bloomberg Law’s Wise moves to antitrust beat

Bloomberg Law reporter Justin Wise has switched beats and is now cover antitrust stories, focusing on the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department’s antitrust division. He joined the …

Forbes threatens legal action against Perplexity

Forbes sent a letter to the CEO of AI search startup Perplexity accusing the company of stealing text and images in a “willful infringement” of Forbes’ copyright rights, reports Sarah …

Yahoo Finance gains on competitors in May

Yahoo Finance continued its dominance as the No. 1 business news website in May, increasing its unique visitors by 2 percent while seven of the top 10 sites saw a decline. Yahoo Finance recorded …
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Wealthy foreigners step up plans to leave UK as taxes increase

Plans by both main political parties to abolish ‘non-dom’ regime prompts departures

Airbus and Boeing near deal to carve up Spirit AeroSystems

Announcement on complex agreement between the three companies could come as early as next week

Ukraine urges bondholders to accept markdown on more than $20bn of debt

Investors rejected government proposal this month to reduce bonds’ value by up to 60% ahead of deadline

UBS offers to repay 90% to clients hit by Greensill implosion

Swiss lender seeks to resolve dispute linked to Credit Suisse and its supply chain funds

China launches anti-dumping probe into EU pork imports

Investigation comes after Brussels imposes tariffs on Chinese EVs as trade tensions rise

Taiwan’s president urges army to shed nationalist legacy to meet China threat

Duelling centenary celebrations for military academy underscore armed forces’ fractured identity

RwandAir says Qatar Airways closing in on acquiring stake

Carriers have been working on a deal expected to boost capacity in fast-growing market

Why tackling accent bias matters at work

Wall Street banks and big City law firms among employers addressing potential discrimination

Adidas investigates bribery allegations in China

Senior managers accused of receiving millions of euros in kickbacks

The healthcare crisis pitting Colombia’s leftist leader against business

Gustavo Petro accused of ‘destroying’ system as he pushes on with what he says is necessary overhaul

How artists saved New York

What can be learnt from the pioneers who turned abandoned lofts into the creative heart of the city?

Hyundai plans to list India business unit in one of country’s biggest IPOs

South Korean carmaker seeks to capitalise on booming demand in world’s third-largest auto market

Ramaphosa re-elected South African president after striking deal with opposition

Power-sharing arrangement quells investors’ fears of a coalition with radical left parties

Yoox Net-a-Porter exits China to focus on more profitable markets

Luxury ecommerce platform’s decision comes at a time of weaker economic momentum in the mainland

After Baillie Gifford, who is ‘clean’ enough to fund the arts?

The campaign against the asset manager has left festivals struggling to adapt to a new age of protest

Europe’s real tourist trap

The continent gets too much attention from the world to recognise its irrelevance

Carlyle explores sale of electric power producer Cogentrix

Generation facilities have become sought after assets as AI is expected to drive strong demand for electricity supply

The relentless rise of France’s far right

Once consigned to the fringes, French voters now have to decide if they are ready to hand power to Marine Le Pen’s party

G7 threatens China with further sanctions over Russia war support

Leaders accuse Beijing of ‘enabling’ Ukraine conflict and consider more confrontational stance on its economic policies

The Barclay heir battling bankruptcy, the Seigneur, and the Sark IPO

Want a slice of the Barclay Brothers’ empire? You might just be able to have it, thanks to a kooky German investor
Global News

Missed the biggest stories of the week? Here’s a roundup

Canadians in many provinces grappled with a prolonged heat wave while another political scandal has hit the United Kingdom. Here are some of this week's top stories.

A wildfire almost broke out in N.S. during the heat wave. ‘Quick actions’ prevented it

A volunteer firefighter is praising the quick thinking of a construction worker in Lunenburg County as first responders were able to put out a growing wildfire before it worsened.

N.B. teen rescued after diving accident at local pool: ‘I just thank them for acting’

Family and friends are raising money to help the family of a Riverview, N.B., teen who suffered a serious spinal cord injury from a diving accident.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers drop third straight with 2 point loss to Lions

The Bombers are 0-3 for the first time since 2012 after a 26-24 loss to the BC Lions on Friday.

‘We want the cup’: Fans pack plaza as Edmonton Oilers force winner-take-all Stanley Cup final

The celebration has been going for two months in Edmonton, a city that has five Stanley Cups but has not won since 1990.

Stanley Cup Final: Edmonton Oilers force Game 7 with 5-1 win over Florida Panthers

Chants of 'we want the cup' echoed throughout Rogers Place as the Edmonton Oilers beat the Florida Panthers 5-1 in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Central Okanagan Food Bank responds to West Kelowna hygiene centre proposal

There are no official plans for the facility and a decision on whether or not to move forward with the facility was deferred by council last week.

Two people seriously injured after being struck by vehicle in northeast Calgary

Police said the incident happened around 7:40 p.m. in the 4400 block of Marbank Drive N.E. One person was critically injured, the other sustained serious injuries.

B.C. government sues makers of ‘forever chemicals’

The British Columbia government has filed a class-action lawsuit against manufacturers of so-called "forever chemicals," involved in what it calls widespread contamination of drinking-water systems.

Probe needed to prevent repeat of B.C. sewage plant debacle, former auditor says

With the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant billions of dollars over budget, attention is turning to a similar project on the horizon.

225 vehicles impounded in Central Okanagan this year for excessive speeding

B.C. Highway Patrol will be out in force this summer to watch for lead-foot drivers. Since Jan. 1, 225 vehicles have been impounded in Central Okanagan for excessive speeding.

Video shows armed men robbing Edmonton restaurant and cannabis store

Edmonton police are asking for the public's help locating two men wanted in connection with a number of armed robberies and an armed carjacking in recent weeks. 

Video: Pepper-spray suspect wanted by Vancouver police

In a video, a suspect can be seen assaulting two people with pepper spray outside a restaurant near Powell Street and Gore Avenue.

2 killed, 6 wounded in Arkansas grocery store mass shooting

Video posted on social media showed at least one person lying in the parking lot, while another captured multiple gunshots ringing out.

Fishermen rescue 38 dogs on the verge of drowning from Mississippi lake

"The way their heads were in the water there’s no way they could see the shore," rescuer Bob Gist recalls of distressed animals he came across while fishing.

Teaching materials on Pride history now available in Sask. despite school regulations

Teaching materials on Pride history are now available in Saskatchewan through the Canadian Pride Historical Society. Provincial regulations may keep them out of schools.

SIU clears Waterloo officer in connection with fatal Kitchener shooting

The province’s police watchdog has cleared a Waterloo officer in connection with a fatal shooting that left a 31-year-old Kitchener man dead in February.

Feel-good Friday: Global BC’s highlights of the week

A rescued sea otter pup is now receiving around-the-clock care at the Vancouver Aquarium and a group of siblings reunited after 70 years of not knowing each other existed.

Foreign nationals can no longer apply for work permits at the U.S.-Canada border

The move is being implemented to curtail something known as ‘flagpoling’, which is a means that some temporary residents of Canada use to bypass the normal wait times.

Edmonton man who killed 7-year-old girl won’t be eligible for parole for 15 years

A justice decided Friday that the Edmonton man found guilty of second-degree murder in the 2020 death of a seven-year-old girl won't be eligible for parole for 15 years.

5 Best Tax Relief Companies of 2024

If your tax situation is too complicated to handle on your own, check out our list of the best tax relief companies.

Forget About Stocks — Young Investors Love Collectibles and Crypto

Younger Americans are embracing greater diversification in their holdings.

Medical Debt vs. Student Loan Debt: Which Would You Cancel?

Most Americans say it's “extremely” or “very important” for the government to forgive medical debt.

‘Zombie’ Mortgages Are Back With a Vengeance to Haunt Homeowners

Motivated by recent gains in home values, debt collectors are coming after old, unpaid mortgages — and your braaains. (Just kidding.)

Best Home Security System with Cameras

As home security cameras get more affordable and monitoring technology more accessible, selecting the best system for you means weighing several variables. Not only do you need to think about the …

8 Best Life Insurance Companies of 2024

Read on to learn more about our reviews of the best Life Insurance Companies and find out which of these providers is the best option for you.

As Used Car Prices Fall, Here’s How to Get the Best Deal

Average used vehicle prices have dropped by more than 9% over the past year.

Current Mortgage Rates: Week of June 17 to June 21, 2024

The current mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed-rate loan decreased to 6.87% for the week ending June 20, according to Freddie Mac.

Shaq Is Paying for High School Students to Take College Courses This Summer

The basketball legend has partnered with community college startup for the “Try College” initiative.

Could You Have Hidden Hearing Loss?

According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), hearing loss affects about 60.7 million American adults. However, that statistic may not include millions of people affected by hidden hearing loss, …

Urban vs. Rural Home Security: How to Tailor Your Approach Based on Where You Live

Depending on where you live and what (or who) you’re protecting, locking the doors may not be enough to make you feel safe in your home. Luckily, as technology changes everything from how we manage …

Why Some Student Loan Borrowers Won’t Have to Pay in July

The temporary student loan forbearance comes as the Education Department enacts more generous repayment benefits.

How Much House Can I Afford?

Before buying a home, you want to know how much house you can afford. Your budget is directly related to the size and type of mortgage you qualify for. Understanding how much you can comfortably …

What Is a Home Equity Agreement?

Read on to discover what a home equity agreement is and how it can unlock the value of your property.

You Can Now Renew Your Passport Online (but It Still Costs $130)

Travelers also have to meet a slew of eligibility requirements in order to renew online.

Basically Every Stock Market Index Is at — or Near — an All-Time High Right Now

With inflation and unemployment remaining low, all of the major stock market indexes are all at or near record highs.

Why Most People Don’t Trust Their Car Insurance Companies

People may rely on insurance companies when things go wrong, but that doesn’t mean customers trust them, according to new data.

Best Smart Locks of 2024

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and additional security features. Not only can they help you keep watch on who goes in and out of your home, but they also provide …

Home Prices Just Reached a Record High — but Sellers Aren’t Happy

The median U.S. home sales price notched an all-time high of $439,716 in May.

Rocket Mortgage Home Equity Loan Review

Read on for our review and complete guide on rocket mortgage home equity loans.
Business Insider

Mark Zuckerberg's summer vacation look includes a $1,150 hypebeast t-shirt

Mark Zuckerberg opted for a loud luxury Balmain t-shirt while vacationing in Ibiza, a photo shows.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang shouts out OpenAI cofounder Ilya Sutskever for sparking 'the big bang of deep learning'

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang credited Ilya Sutskever and two renowned computer scientists for sparking the "big bang of deep learning" and "AI revolution."

China can't get enough of Elon Musk's mom

Maye Musk has become something of an influencer in China, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Meanwhile, Tesla sales are struggling in China.

A Southwest flight dropped to just 525 feet above an Oklahoma town, prompting an altitude warning and FAA investigation

A Southwest Airlines flight dropped dangerously low over an Oklahoma town while preparing to land on Wednesday.

The man who dismembered tech CEO Fahim Saleh said he was so in love he was disturbed. Prosecutors say he was on Bumble.

Tyrese Haspil, who killed Gokada CEO Fahim Saleh, said he was so in love that he was disturbed at the time. Prosecutors said he was on Bumble.

Prince William's birthday post is a welcome change for the royal family

Kate Middleton shared a photo of Prince William jumping for joy with his children for his birthday. The relaxed shot sets a new tone for the royals.

Tesla customer service hacks, including reaching a human and chat

Tesla customer service has its good and poor moments. But here's how to reach a human and report a problem.

One year after Titan tragedy, another billionaire wants to prove deep-sea exploration is safe

A year after the Titan submersible imploded, an Ohio real estate investor aims to prove that exploring Titanic-level depths is safe.

I took a 30-hour train from New York to Miami, and the motion sickness and terrible sleep were too much for me

Business Insider's reporter spent 30 hours on an Amtrak train from New York City to Miami, and she said the journey was too long and too bumpy.

The 11 best things to stream this weekend, from a new 'Orphan Black' spinoff to a doc about a real 'Gone Girl' case

From the "Perfect Match" finale to the satirical superhero drama "The Boys" to several shocking true-crime documentaries, here's what to watch.

I worked at Disney World and still visit weekly. Here are 8 things I'm not buying at the parks right now.

I used to work at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and I still go to the theme parks at least once a week. But I don't like to waste my money.

Satellite images show apparent mock-ups of US fifth-gen fighter jets and a runway with blast marks and craters in a Chinese desert

An imagery analyst said that it looked like China might be using this area for some kind of target practice.

Who is Shivon Zilis? Meet the Neuralink exec and AI expert who reportedly had a third child with Elon Musk

Neuralink director Shivon Zilis quietly had a third child with Elon Musk earlier this year, according to a Bloomberg report.

I made ice cream using a bag, Ninja Creami, and blender. I'm stunned a basic method beat my $200 appliance.

I made ice cream 3 ways with a blender, bag, and Ninja Creami to find the best way to make homemade ice cream. I didn't need my $200 appliance.

5 ways to keep up your fitness while traveling, according to Olympian Tom Daley

Business Insider spoke with Olympian Tom Daley about his tips for staying fit while traveling. He recommends stretching and meditation.

I went glamping in the Sahara Desert. I thought I'd hate it, but even the freezing temperatures didn't get me down.

I went glamping for the first time in the Sahara Desert with my two kids. The trip was filled with surprises and cold temperatures but worth it.

Mexico town abandoned after residents flee gang violence

Over 4,000 residents fled Tila, Mexico, after gangs ransacked the streets, shooting at buildings and burning homes.

A Harvard study shows just how hard it is for renters to buy a home today

A household needs to make at least $120,000 a year to afford the $3,100 monthly payment on a median-priced home, a new Harvard study finds.

I tried CosMc's for the first time. I don't think this new McDonald's spin-off will last very long.

As a local, I tried CosMc's, the new McDonald's spin-off, for the first time. I tried drinks and food but wouldn't go back even though it's close by.

I ordered Chili's Triple Dipper, which is going viral on TikTok. It was the best $17 I've ever spent at a chain restaurant.

TikTok users have posted about ordering Chili's Triple Dipper appetizer platter as their main meal. I thought it was a great value.
Financial Post

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week

TORONTO — Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week: Conferences The annual Collision tech conference heads to the Enercare Centre in Toronto this week. Speakers …

The UK’s Muddy Fields Are Latest Climate Threat to Food Security

Britain’s usually plentiful grain crops are struggling — and politicians and consumers may feel the fallout with farmers.

Ed Davey Says UK Needs Closer Ties With Europe to Lift Business

Britain’s Liberal Democrat Party leader set out a path to rejoin the European Union’s single market, saying businesses need closer ties with the trading bloc to prosper.

Toyota shareholders demand vote against chairman Toyoda as automaker embroiled in testing scandal

TOKYO (AP) — Toyota’s chairman Akio Toyoda will be facing some disgruntled shareholders this week, as two major proxy groups demand a vote against keeping the grandson of the founder on its …

Shanghai’s Solar Carnival Belies Fight for Survival in China’s Flagship Clean Energy Industry

Visitors to the world’s biggest showcase of solar power could be forgiven for not realizing just how dismal conditions are in China’s flagship clean energy industry.

Chinese premier promises more pandas and urges Australia to put aside differences

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Sunday promised a new pair of giant pandas to a zoo and urged Australia to set aside its differences with Beijing at the outset of the first …

Business Chiefs Want More on Housing and Tax From UK Election

With less than three weeks to go until Britain’s general election, the Tories and Labour have put their policy cards on the table.

US Says Houthis Seek Allies in Bid to Upend Global Shipping

US officials believe that the Houthi rebels in Yemen are pursuing international partnerships with other militant groups as part of their campaign to disrupt global shipping and protest the …

Tax Doubts Set to Dog Keir Starmer to Election and Beyond

Keir Starmer’s path to power at the UK general election seems unassailable with less than three weeks to go, but for investors, economists and the ordinary Britons who will elect him, the Labour …

Milei-Lula Differences Are More Visible Than Ever at G-7 Summit

They couldn’t be farther apart in the family photo of Group of Seven leaders, nor in real life.

Macron’s Election Gamble Gives Europe Brexit Nightmares Again

Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call a snap election in France is giving European officials flashbacks to Brexit.

Discovery Engages ICP Securities Inc. for Automated Market Making Services

TORONTO, June 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Discovery Silver Corp. (TSX: DSV, OTCQX: DSVSF) (“Discovery” or the “Company”) today announced an agreement (the “Agreement”) to engage the …

WillScot Mobile Mini Holdings Announces Pricing of $500 Million Senior Secured Notes Offering

PHOENIX, June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WillScot Mobile Mini Holdings Corp. (“WillScot Mobile Mini” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: WSC), a leader in innovative temporary flexible space …

CIBC Innovation Banking Leads Senior Syndicated Debt Commitment for Yipit, LLC

NEW YORK — CIBC Innovation Banking is pleased to announce that it recently acted as the lead arranger and an administrative agent on a debt facility for New York-based Yipit, LLC (YipitData), the …

Trudeau to Call Vote on Contentious Tax Change This Week

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government will call for a vote this week on a planned hike in the capital-gains tax inclusion rate, a measure that would raise billions in additional government …

Bulgarian Ex-Premier Borissov Wins Snap Vote, Exit Poll Says

Bulgaria’s powerful former prime minister Boyko Borissov is on course to win the country’s sixth election in just over three years, but will fall short of a majority needed to end a political …

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week

TORONTO — Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week: Roots earnings Clothing retailer Roots Corp. is scheduled to release its first-quarter financial results and …

Big Tech Is Driving the S&P Rally. The Rest Have to Step Up Soon

The unceasing growth of Big Tech has been an article of faith for investors since the latest stock market rally began in October 2022.

Will the Bank of Canada’s interest rate cut spur the housing market?

Pent-up demand is expected to drive both sales and prices higher

‘No network is flawless’: Wildfires underscore resiliency challenges for telecoms

As wind-driven wildfires broke out on the Hawaiian island of Maui last summer, killing more than 100 people and destroying thousands of buildings, a telecommunications blackout kept many residents in …

Tiger mosquitos, Asian hornets and bed bugs: What climate change means for Europe’s ‘pest demographics’ haunting the Paris Olympics

Pests we’re likely to see more of are the ones that are best adapted to humans and our behavior—and it is our behavior that is helping them to spread.

Elite matchmakers—with fees up to $300K—are coaching clients on how to navigate the dating world: It gets tricky for women over 40, experts say

Matchmakers can help clients avoid the time sink of funneling online or app-based profiles into possible dates.

FDA OKs first menthol e-cigarettes, drawing criticism from parent groups who say the agency has ‘failed American families’

The FDA authorized four menthol e-cigarettes from NJOY, the vaping brand recently acquired by tobacco giant Altria, which also makes Marlboro cigarettes.

Nvidia dethroned as world’s most valuable company after just a few days on top as $220 billion selloff sends it to third place

Nvidia’s market cap was about $3.1 trillion on Friday, lower than Apple Inc. at $3.2 trillion and Microsoft Corp. at $3.3 trillion. 

How do you pronounce ‘Nvidia’? Here’s how to say the $3 trillion company’s name, which has mythological roots

The first “Nvidia” was Invidia, the Roman goddess of envy.

Malaysia’s China-friendly stance is a bid to get its biggest trading partner to help keep the economy stable: ‘You can’t be choosy’

China and Malaysia agreed to a dozen new deals during China Premier Li Qiang’s trip to the Southeast Asian country earlier this week.

How extreme heat can turn deadly: It confuses your brain, shuts down your organs, and overworks your heart

As temperatures and humidity soar outside, what's happening inside the human body can become deadly.

Compare current mortgage rates

Keeping an eye on mortgage rates as you plan to buy your first home, upgrade or downgrade the size of your house, or refinance? Here are the current average mortgage rates—as well as everything you …

Home prices jump to record high, widening the divide in the housing market between current owners and first-time buyers

The median sales price increased 5.8% from a year ago to a record $419,300, reflecting more sales of high-priced properties as well as multiple offers.

Olive Garden owner’s CEO says fast food is so expensive you might as well have a sit-down meal

McDonald’s and Wendy’s have vexed budget-conscious consumers, and chains like Chili’s and Olive Garden are ready to take advantage.

Say goodbye to the 20% down payment. Zillow says you’ll need to put down roughly 35%, or almost $128,000, to afford a typical home

In Los Angeles, a median-income household would need to put roughly 80% down to afford a typical home and its monthly payments in the city, according to Zillow.

Supreme Court upholds ‘common sense’ law banning domestic abusers from gun possession in 8-1 decision

A week after overturning a ban on bump stocks, the court allowed a law than bans guns for people under restraining orders.

Incoming Washington Post editor won’t take the job after newsroom revolt: ‘The body is rejecting the transfusion’

Post staff had revolted at the leadership change. “The body is rejecting the transfusion,” one said.

90% of C-suite executives believe their company promotes worker well-being. Why do only 60% of workers agree?

The third annual Workplace Well-being report from Deloitte indicates a major gulf in understanding between executives and employees.

It’s going to be a brutal summer. This CDC tool will let you figure out the risk in your area

HeatRisk can warn you of intense temps.

Cybersecurity firm Kapersky denies that it is a security threat, will continue selling products despite ban

Kaspersky said the government had based its decision on the “geopolitical climate and theoretical concerns” rather than independently verifying if there was a risk.

I grew my business with no outside funding. Bootstrappers have an advantage over VC-backed startups—especially now

Bootstrappers have the luxury of focusing obsessively on their products and answering to no one, says Jotform founder Aytekin Tank.

There are now almost a billion Huawei devices in use as the U.S.-sanctioned Chinese tech firm takes Apple’s market share

Sales of premium Huawei smartphones climbed 72% in the first five months of 2024, Huawei consumer business chairman Richard Yu said Friday.

Nvidia single-handedly beats Europe’s biggest stock markets, Deutsche Bank finds, as London Stock Exchange chief says reform is on the way

A decade ago, the London Stock Exchange had a significant lead, with its listed stocks collectively worth 400 times Nvidia’s value.

Gen Z are increasingly becoming NEETs by choice—not in employment, education, or training

Gen Z are ditching the rate race and opting to become NEETs—not in employment, education, or training—creating record levels of youth unemployment around the world.