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Is it a risk-taker’s market? Investors are skeptical

There’s a laundry list of reasons to be cynical about the stock market this year: real estate, high-interest rates, government shutdown risks, and wars abroad.  Investor and personal …

Much to many analysts' surprise, Amazon’s third-quarter earnings and revenue exceeded analysts' estimates by $1.7 billion. Their advertising sector raked in $12.1 billion in the third quarter …
AppleInsider reports that pre-orders of the iPhone 15 are up by 10% worldwide, year after year, with the sale of the iPhone Pro Max this year doing “exceptionally well.” The new Pro …
Meme stocks become viral through online communities such as Reddit and X. Through these social platforms; investors discuss stock viability, gather enough individuals, and mass-buy a certain amount …

Why Is The US Dollar The World’s Go-To Currency’?

The US Dollar is called the world’s “reserve currency” by the Council of Foreign Relations and has since been the standard for international trade. Countries must possess dollars …

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How to DIY A Deck Drainage System

(NewsUSA) - If you plan to add an elevated deck to your home, there’s one element that will greatly increase its value and function: an under-deck drainage system. These systems, which divert …

Toys for Tots Supports Children for a Summer of Fun and Learning

(NewsUSA) - Most children in the United States look forward to their summer break from school as a chance to have fun with friends, spend time with family, and have new adventures and experiences …
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We are currently in a bearish context. There are no high liquidity zones above at the moment. It's likely that after taking out the liquidity at the first target, we will see a price reaction towards …
The aerospace company has a dominant market position and a runway for long-term growth, but it is priced at a premium.

What Will Happen to the XRP Price if Ripple Loses its Case Against the US SEC

A potential SEC victory might trigger huge uncertainty and lead to a significant correction of the entire crypto market.

… the financial year 2023-24 to Hon'ble Finance Minister … Joshi, Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Government of India. … Bank's impressive financial performance during the …
Get ready to have a pump again.... ? The Value of NotCoin NotCoin is rapidly gaining traction as a revolutionary cryptocurrency, built on cutting-edge blockchain technology that ensures …
JASMYUSDT made a strong price rejections from the fvg zone we are still on buys am expecting another drop down to the liquidity base at 0.027139 for another liquidity sweep to the upside am still …
Hello traders, I want share with you my opinion about Bitcoin. By observing the chart, we can see that the price some days ago declined lower than the support level, which coincided with the buyer …
today in the FVG area know attempt to reach a resistance level , but if breaking a FVG at 0.013 stable by 4H candle below this level reach a support level ( order block ) FVG : The price FVG …
… of Professional Trainees in the Finance & Accounts Section of the … in the works related to Finance & Accounts of the Institute … of the Officers of the Finance & Accounts Section. The …
The small-cap Russell 2000 index trades at its steepest discount in decades relative to the large-cap S&P 500.
… the financial year 2023-24 to Hon'ble Finance Minister … Joshi, Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Government of India. … Bank's impressive financial performance during the …
Hello traders, Recent Price Action: High High (HH): Price reached a peak before reversing at 2,376.50 USD. Break of Structure (BOS): Multiple occurrences indicating potential shifts in …
After a shift to a bearish context, we saw a strong reaction aiming to cover the fractal liquidity above. This was followed by a continuation of the bearish order flow. The targets are marked on the …
Hello traders, AS said trade above FVG reach a resistance level , rising + 450 pip , know stable a bullish trend , tendency long at 39,014 trade above these level reach a 39,207 and 39,430 , but …
The audio and voice-recognition services provider could still have room to grow.
… IANS): Union Minister for Finance Nirmala Sitharaman chaired pre- … Budget consultations with the Finance Ministers of states … Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chaudhary, Chief … …
Now that we have more data on the chart, the PYTH scenario is clearer. It seems to be completing a descending triangle which is now in wave D of this triangle. Wave D appears to be a …
International business
Winnipeg Blue Bombers drop third straight with 2 point loss to Lions
The Bombers are 0-3 for the first time since 2012 after a 26-24 loss to the BC Lions on Friday.
‘We want the cup’: Fans pack plaza as Edmonton Oilers force winner-take-all Stanley Cup final
The celebration has been going for two months in Edmonton, a city that has five Stanley Cups but has not won since 1990.
Stanley Cup Final: Edmonton Oilers force Game 7 with 5-1 win over Florida Panthers
Chants of 'we want the cup' echoed throughout Rogers Place as the Edmonton Oilers beat the Florida Panthers 5-1 in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final.
Central Okanagan Food Bank responds to West Kelowna hygiene centre proposal
There are no official plans for the facility and a decision on whether or not to move forward with the facility was deferred by council last week.
Two people seriously injured after being struck by vehicle in northeast Calgary
Police said the incident happened around 7:40 p.m. in the 4400 block of Marbank Drive N.E. One person was critically injured, the other sustained serious injuries.
Probe needed to prevent repeat of B.C. sewage plant debacle, former auditor says
With the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant billions of dollars over budget, attention is turning to a similar project on the horizon.
225 vehicles impounded in Central Okanagan this year for excessive speeding
B.C. Highway Patrol will be out in force this summer to watch for lead-foot drivers. Since Jan. 1, 225 vehicles have been impounded in Central Okanagan for excessive speeding.
Video shows armed men robbing Edmonton restaurant and cannabis store
Edmonton police are asking for the public's help locating two men wanted in connection with a number of armed robberies and an armed carjacking in recent weeks. 
Video: Pepper-spray suspect wanted by Vancouver police
In a video, a suspect can be seen assaulting two people with pepper spray outside a restaurant near Powell Street and Gore Avenue.
2 killed, 6 wounded in Arkansas grocery store mass shooting
Video posted on social media showed at least one person lying in the parking lot, while another captured multiple gunshots ringing out.
Fishermen rescue 38 dogs on the verge of drowning from Mississippi lake
"The way their heads were in the water there’s no way they could see the shore," rescuer Bob Gist recalls of distressed animals he came across while fishing.
Teaching materials on Pride history now available in Sask. despite school regulations
Teaching materials on Pride history are now available in Saskatchewan through the Canadian Pride Historical Society. Provincial regulations may keep them out of schools.
SIU clears Waterloo officer in connection with fatal Kitchener shooting
The province’s police watchdog has cleared a Waterloo officer in connection with a fatal shooting that left a 31-year-old Kitchener man dead in February.
Feel-good Friday: Global BC’s highlights of the week
A rescued sea otter pup is now receiving around-the-clock care at the Vancouver Aquarium and a group of siblings reunited after 70 years of not knowing each other existed.
Foreign nationals can no longer apply for work permits at the U.S.-Canada border
The move is being implemented to curtail something known as ‘flagpoling’, which is a means that some temporary residents of Canada use to bypass the normal wait times.
Edmonton man who killed 7-year-old girl won’t be eligible for parole for 15 years
A justice decided Friday that the Edmonton man found guilty of second-degree murder in the 2020 death of a seven-year-old girl won't be eligible for parole for 15 years. 
2 Capilano University campuses closed due to ‘targeted, specific security threat’
Both North Vancouver Capilano University campuses are closed Friday, due to a 'targeted, specific security threat.'
4 found dead in rural southwestern Ontario home
Four people were found dead in a home in Harrow, about 35 km south of Windsor, Ont., on Thursday afternoon. OPP have described all four as 'victims.'
Family of taekwondo black belts saves woman from alleged sex assault in Texas
The family was working in their training hall when they heard the woman's screams coming from a store next door and quickly came to her aid.
Stanley Cup Final: A look at the historical significance of Connor McDavid’s 2024 playoff run
Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid is having one of the most productive postseasons in NHL history.
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Rockstar Energy Drink Wants to Give You Cash Back at the Pump to Fuel Your Summer Road Trip
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How To Teach Your Children To Be Household Helpers
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How Technology Can Help Solve the Youth Coaching Crisis
How Technology Can Help Solve the Youth Coaching Crisis
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